A School for Europe

The new Joachimsthalsches Gymnasium will be a European school – the only one between Frankfurt am Main and Tallinn, the first ever in the new German states, and the very first boarding school of its kind.

At the school, young people from all over Europe will live together and learn together. Not only will they receive an excellent education, but their hands, hearts and minds will be shaped by the European spirit. For Europe is not merely a concept integrated into a curriculum – it’s an idea that students will experience on a daily basis. Instead of foreign languages, they will encounter native languages, and instead of foreign cultures, there will be different cultures.

To make this vision possible, the Initiative Europese School Templin – a school for Europe is in need of donors, sponsors and supporters. We have a unique opportunity to build on the eminent academic tradition of the school and imbue it with new ideas and new life.

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